About The Brand

Introduction-Natural challenges are impossible to prevent, but not impossible to overcome. Many kids today are faced with cancer, abandonment, and abuse. With these types of issues/challenges it is hard to maintain a positive mindset, and go forward to reach success. My brand, Don’t Shy Away, strongly encourages kids to stay positive and do their best at anything they do. The brand name signifies to never shy away from anything and to continue to improve no matter what. The motto for DSA is “To empower one another while being confident, and comfortable”. 

Product Description- We strive to make a great fit for any type of performance and everyday wear. Our shirts and hoodies are made with high quality material built to last and to make sure you are comfortable every time you put on DSA apparel. Other lists of products we sell are; Iphone cases, Stickers, Hats, shirts, and hoodies. Every product is well designed in Photoshop Cs6 then applied to the item. We even went as far to create men's and women's embroidered organic ribbed beanies. to make sure you are comfortable during any type of weather.

Donation of Proceeds- Every month on the DSA website we will donate 5% of each sale to a charity reflecting on kids' battles. For the first month we will be donating 5% of each sale to St.Judes Research Hospital. The reason I chose this organization for the first month is because I have witnessed so many kids battle with cancer at such a young age. My brother was just 2 years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. My two parents Bobbie and Tony struggled with costs of medical bills while he was battling cancer. If they were able to go to such an amazing hospital as St.Judes they would have been able to focus on their kid and support them more during the battle instead of stressing about expensive medical bills. Each month we will change the organization to a charity reflecting on kids' battles.

Get to Know Me- My name is Caiden Dekievit, I'm a senior at the Billings Career Center. I was born in Denver, Colorado due to my brother Tanner having cancer treatments at the time I was born. My mom (Roberta) and dad (Anthony) struggled to raise us because they were so busy with doctor appointments and overloaded with medical bills. Through all of that, my parents were great and taught me to work for everything. I started working at age 14 at McDonald's, I worked there for 10 months, then started working at AMC for 2 years. I am now working for The Home Depot and have been for the last 10 months. My dream is to become a seven-figure entrepreneur, and make a difference by impacting people's lives in a positive way. A ton of kids my age may think it is impossible, But when you are raised to work for everything you are way more determined, and I am going to make my dreams come to reality!